Dusty Old Books

dusty-old-books1It’s funny how things have a knock-on effect.

On Saturday, my daughter decided she was going to sort out her room, which meant when I next went up to my bedroom, I found I’d ‘inherited’ an old PC.  There it was, lying on my bed. Yes, the temptation to take it down the dump was there, but there’s a problem with that.  British Gas, in their wisdom, have decreed that the only software which can use their energy Top Up equipment is IE 9, and the only hardware must be a 32bit PC.  Meaning, this old PC is the only one in the house which can currently be used to put gas and electric into my meters.

Meaning, I have to find space for this PC somewhere in my own bedroom.

To be honest, I’ve been intending to have a sort out of my own.  It’s one of those ‘tomorrow’ jobs that never seems to get done.  So I moved the bed.  Don’t ask what was lurking under there, although I did find the bottle of perfume I’d lost a year ago and had become convinced Lurch, our ghost, had swiped.  Sorry Lurch!

With the bed moved, I could clear the dressing table and put it nearer to the wall socket.  Found some interesting stuff under that, too, as it happens.  I’ll be having a bonfire this year.

After the dust settled and I set the PC up (managed to load the Top Up keys with credit before the electric actually cut out, which would then make it impossible to do so and thus entail a walk to the shop) I looked round and realised I couldn’t get to my chest of drawers.

This meant moving both my bookcases.

Yeah.  That’s why it’s always been a ‘tomorrow’ job.

The bookcases can’t be moved unless the books come out first, so, yup, I took all the books out.  This is probably the first time I’ve looked at some of these titles in over a year.  Or more.  Okay, so I’m not good with housework.  Some of the books I didn’t even know I had.  Some of them I would never read again for various reasons.  So why were they even there?

Well, they’re a good place for storing dust, that much I figured out pretty darned quickly, but some of those bookshelves were bowing with the weight.  I figured I’d have a clear out.  It wasn’t quite as arbitrary as ‘the ones with the most dust go’, but I now have a pile of books in a bag waiting for a more deserving owner to find them in the charity shop, when I get around to taking them there.

The whole process did highlight one aspect of using eBooks, though.  I’m not sure it would make dusting the nooks and crannies any easier, but the Nooks and Kindles in our lives will save a lot of bowed bookshelves, and make sure we never have to give any of our books away.


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