Keeping Dreams Alive

Taunton Writing Festival. Starts 2nd November. Be sure you don’t miss it.

Writers Anon - Taunton's Writing Group

On average it takes a writer around two years to conceptualise, write and polish a novel.  Sometimes, it takes two or three times longer.  The depressing part is, once you have it there – a cohesive story with rich, engaging characters and vivid settings – one way or another you have to try and sell it.

I guess there might be a few, but all those writers who claim that’s not what they want – they’re writing their novel simply because ‘the idea was inside me and I just had to get it out‘ – are not being entirely honest.  With us, or themselves.  We write to be published.  We write because we want to be read.  And yes, we also write because there are ideas inside us that just want to get out.  (But mostly, we want to be published and we want to be read.)  And…

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