No Wriggling out of Radio


Suzie Grogan, presenter of Talking Books on 10Radio

When fellow writer and member of Writers Anon, Paul Tobin asked if I minded him putting my name forward for Suzie Grogan’s Talking Books radio show, I said ‘Sure, why not?’  I didn’t think it would come to anything until I got an email from Suzie.

I have to confess, I procrastinated about replying.  I’m not what anyone would call outgoing.  Borderline Aspergers is probably a better description, with all the social awkwardness and fear of public speaking that comes with it.  But I decided last year that 2014 was the year I started promoting myself as an author, and to do that, yes, I have to go out there and sell myself.  Or at least my books.  (Selling myself has other connotations and, to be honest, I wouldn’t get much per pound these days ;).)

So on 17th January, with more than a little trepidation (for that, read pathological anxiety), I arrived at 10Radio‘s Wiveliscombe studio to be greeted by a warm and welcoming Suzie, who immediately put me at ease.

The rest is pretty much a blur.  I remember Suzie asking me questions, and I remember answering them.  Then I was on my way home again, thinking, ‘Hey, that wasn’t so bad.  Was it?’

It wasn’t until I heard the show for myself the following Monday, I had the answer to that question.

I put it down to the skill of an experienced radio presenter that I didn’t make a complete fool of myself, but, actually, it really wasn’t so bad.  Suzie claimed to know little of the genre I write, science fiction, but in fact, she was well-informed and knowledgeable, which made my part a lot easier.  There was a great discussion about female writers in the genre, and how sci-fi has influenced our expectations of the future.  Considering the show was only 30 minutes long, we covered a lot of ground.  I even offered a paperback copy of one of each of my books if someone answered the question I set: Who is Richard Deckard.  There is a threefold answer: what book was he in, what film was he in and what author created him?  To enter go to Suzie’s blog, No Wriggling out of Writing.  Suzi also wants to know what your futuristic gadget would be. Closing date is 31 January with results on 7th February 2014.  Good luck.

To hear the show in full, you can visit Suzie’s page on Soundcloud, or see the post Suzie has put up on her blog, which has some great articles on it and gives links to her published work.


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