5 Elements of Steampunk

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steampunk-abstract-time-is-complicated-mike-savad A look back in time

by Martine Lillycrop

Many people wouldn’t know what steampunk was if it chugged past wearing a bustle and a top hat.  In reality, it’s one of science fiction’s most widely-known, best-kept secrets.  Except it isn’t really secret.  Even a casual reader of sci-fi, or watcher of TV and film, has come across it in some form or another.

steampunk_pirate_by_lillyxandra-d5173br Lady pirate steampunk costume.

‘Steampunk’ as a term is relatively unknown, yet its influence on modern media, and on fashion, both in the home and in street wear, is huge. Without really trying, it’s managed to penetrate a wide range of products, and has spearheaded a series of ‘modded’ utilitarian items besides influencing the more obvious clothing, watches, tattoos and jewellery.

The term was first coined by author Kevin Jeter as a way of distinguishing his and similar works from the more well-known sci-fi sub-genre, cyberpunk.  His…

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