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It feels like the first day of autumn today. The grass glistened with dew this morning and although it was bright and sunny, a cold wind did blow, signalling the inevitable change of the seasons. And with the seasonal shift, comes a shift of energy and priorities. My summer has been a bit of a whirlwind of trips away for work and general upheaval – hence the summer blog break. But it’s also meant a break from my writing.

I haven’t touched my book since about June. Sometimes I’ve been okay with the break, knowing that it’s ticking over in my subconscious and sometimes, it’s bothered me and I’ve wondered if I’ll ever get back to it. I’d think about my own advice or things ‘they’ say about writing no matter what and sigh, at the risk of quoting 80s rock songs, the winds of change bring a fresh perspective.


Here are six…

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Published by Martine Lillycrop

Self-published writer of High Tide in the City and 2nd Life of Bethany Sweet. Staff writer on Writers Anon Taunton and (bizarrely) a vegan caterer who makes cheese from all kinds of weird stuff.

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