I’m a writer.

It’s taken me several long decades to make that statement, even though I’ve been writing stuff all my life. Like a lot of writers, the idea of declaring myself a ‘writer’ has always given me a bad case of interloper syndrome.

If someone has a passion that follows them from childhood, though. If it remains constant through various jobs, relationships, raising a family and overcoming all the other things life generally throws at them, then that passion must to some extent define them.

For me, writing is that passion. The desire to write has been with me since I was a kid. It’s never left me, not ever. Nor has it waned over the years.

So this year I decided to stop being coy. No matter what other people may think, I am a writer.

When it comes to defining what I write…. Well, I write what I like.

Generally, I like stuff that takes me to other worlds, to alternate realities, parallel histories or possible futures. I like my characters to be sassy, cool or downright badass. I like my villains to be the same, only more… erm… villainous. (Bad people are the heroes of their own story, right?) I like my plots twisted, I like puzzles to solve and obstacles to be overcome. I like kickassery and the odd explosion or two. Maybe (ahem) a little romance on the side?

That’s what I like, so consequently, that’s what I tend to write.