The Second Life of Bethany Sweet

The afterlife has always fascinated me. I don’t believe we only get one shot at getting it right. One life, then judgement and an eternity of suffering or bland repose. It seems too simplistic for the complex vortex of matter and energy our universe is made up of. Nor do I believe we just meet oblivion at […]

Think You Couldn’t Possibly Lose Your Amazon Publishing Account? Think Again.

Originally posted on The Active Voice:
There’s this indie author I know a little bit from the forum. Her name is Pauline Creeden, and she’s an ordinary midlister, like so many of us. I remember PMing her some time ago and gushing about how particularly beautiful one of her book covers is — the one…

Young Forever?

I love science.  Or at least, I love the idea of science.  If I truly loved it, I’d no doubt be a scientist. Sadly, I don’t have the attention to detail or the propensity for taking notes and making observations a true scientists needs.  So I’m happy to let other people do all that, and I’ll play […]