Thank you for visiting my blog and taking a look at my current titles.  All my books are available through Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format.  Click on the cover image for more details. Tide in the City is a noir-style cyberpunk novel with relentless twists, turns and action, leading to a kick-ass conclusion.  If you like your crime quirky, and your hero smart-mouthed, this book delivers.

Bristol 2070. It’s a drowned city, caught in the rhythm of its 40 foot tide. But life still throbs there, even if most of it’s mean and dirty.

When ex-cop Matt Nixon is called to a murder on the wrong side of town he thinks it’s business as usual. He couldn’t be more wrong.

But who’s going to believe he’s chasing a killer who’s already dead? And how will Nix stop him when he doesn’t know whose body the killer’s wearing?

When the tide starts rising, it’s a race against time. And the clock is ticking.

“Butt-kicking noir science fiction. This is Raymond Chandler and Bladerunner rolled into one. Superb cyberpunk.”


secondlifeofbethanysweetIn a body that sweats perfume but can barely climb a set of stairs, how can Bethany Sweet hope to survive when half the world wants her dead, and the other half wants her to destroy the ancient, monstrous evil no one has been able to defeat in over a thousand years. No pressure.

Bethany Sweet is dead. So no wonder she’s surprised to wake up again.

Only this isn’t Earth and the beautiful body she’s wearing isn’t hers.

And it’s been kidnapped.

If the murderous assassin tracking her wasn’t bad enough, she realises she’s been summoned for a vicious and bloody sacrifice – one that will stop a brutal monster from destroying the world.

Beth can save thousands of lives, prevent mass destruction, but to do it she has to die. And she’s done that once already.  She’s not in a hurry to do it again. 




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