The Second Life of Bethany Sweet

The afterlife has always fascinated me. I don’t believe we only get one shot at getting it right. One life, then judgement and an eternity of suffering or bland repose. It seems too simplistic for the complex vortex of matter and energy our universe is made up of. Nor do I believe we just meet oblivion at… Continue reading The Second Life of Bethany Sweet

A Guest for Midwinter

Uran dug his hand deep under the snow, felt for the crust of a hundred almost-thaws beneath the new, fresh fall.  His fingers discovered a sharp lip where the brittle under-layer had broken off – either cracking of its own accord or during his last assault.  He used the frozen edge as a hand-hold, heaved. … Continue reading A Guest for Midwinter

A Long, Lonely Death

Losing a close friend or relative is possibly the most intense emotional experience someone can undergo, but it doesn’t stop there. When my father passed away in 2009, the emotional pain was so immediate and excrutiating, it became a physical spike in the middle of my chest which stayed there for several weeks.  I spent… Continue reading A Long, Lonely Death

Submission – Can we Dominate?

You’ve done it. You’ve finished your book, edited and re-written, proofread and read it through for the thousandth time. It’s ready. What now? For most writers, the answer will be to go the traditional route and try to get it published by one of the major publishing houses. It takes more than just popping it… Continue reading Submission – Can we Dominate?

A Career in Writing?

I’ve been writing all my life.  Granted, not very well, but from a very young age (11) I decided I wanted to write stories – no, books – and be a famous writer.  That decision, or maybe it’s an urge, has followed me throughout my life and, while I may not have always had the… Continue reading A Career in Writing?