Writing’s True Magic

Most people only write when they have to. Shopping lists, emails. Essential, everyday stuff like that. They don’t do it for pleasure. They don’t do it for sharing. It’s a means of communication, or for jogging the memory. When someone crosses that line and begins to write as a form of expression, then their relationship… Continue reading Writing’s True Magic

Future Sense (or) Science Fiction Predictions

The recent floods in my part of the UK have prompted several people who’ve read my book, High Tide in the City, to comment on the uncanny accuracy of its grim prediction – that in 50 years or so, half the UK will be almost permanently under water. While I find this flattering, of course,… Continue reading Future Sense (or) Science Fiction Predictions

Blood-Coloured Man

This is my alternative Christmas story.  Enjoy 😀 Uran dug his hand deep under the snow, felt for the crust of a hundred almost-thaws beneath the new, fresh fall.  His fingers discovered a sharp lip where the brittle under-layer had broken off – either cracking of its own accord or during his last assault.  He… Continue reading Blood-Coloured Man

Keeping Dreams Alive

Originally posted on Writers Anon – Taunton's Writing Group:
Until success arrives, keep your dreams alive On average it takes a writer around two years to conceptualise, write and polish a novel.  Sometimes, it takes two or three times longer.  The depressing part is, once you have it there – a cohesive story with…