I write reviews on books, games and films, when I get the time, and these will now and again appear on my blog under the ‘Reviews’ category.

I also write games reviews on Games Industry News, a brilliant website which specialises in independent games and the gaming industry in general.  I’ve discovered a whole new world of fantastic games I would otherwise have missed, thanks to my modest involvement with GiN. If you’d like to check out the GiN website, click here. Dip your toe into the indie gaming industry and open up a whole new world.

Here is a selection of the games I’ve reviewed for GiN.

Monochroma (Steam) Puzzle

The Last Tinker (City of Colors (Steam) 3-d Platformer

Gravi PC (Steam)  Side-scrolling platformer

I Am Alive PS3 (DLC) Survival horror with a murky twist.

Nancy Drew – The Silent Spy PC.  A Nancy Drew mystery with a bit more action.

Space Rangers HD PC (Steam)  A remake of a noughties classic, still as good as ever.

The Huntsman PC (Steam)  A creepy and worthy debut game which will make you keep the lights on when you go to bed.

Amnesia – A Machine For Pigs PC (Steam).  A scarefest with a crackling twist.

Splintercell Blacklist (PS3) A new take on an old franchise.





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