Back in the Day

Hit the wrong key when typing your 300-page manuscript, what do you do?  Why, backspace and retype, duh! We’re so lucky these days to have these fabulous machines that let us not only correct when we make a typo, but autocorrect for us, let us lift whole passages and move them around, cut out vast swathes,… Continue reading Back in the Day

I’m a Writer

At what point does someone decide, yes, I’m a writer. That’s my job. That’s who I am. Unless someone’s a journalist or has trained in writing as a career, a person will probably think of their ‘day job’ when a new acquaintance asks, what do you do? Because that’s what they mean, isn’t it? What… Continue reading I’m a Writer

Writer: That Badass Machine

Anyone can run, but not everyone’s a runner.  Similarly anyone can write, but not everyone’s a writer. What is it, though, that makes someone a writer instead of just someone who can write? Like a runner, a writer will train themselves. They learn discipline and discover techniques, they invest in equipment and training courses to… Continue reading Writer: That Badass Machine

It’ll be All Right on the Rewrite

Every writer has their own way of going about their work. Some edit as they go, looking back over every sentence, every paragraph time and again before starting on the next. Others get their day’s work out in one big splurge and don’t look at it again until the whole book is finished. Others want… Continue reading It’ll be All Right on the Rewrite

5 Elements of Steampunk

Originally posted on Writers Anon – Taunton's Writing Group:
A look back in time by Martine Lillycrop Many people wouldn’t know what steampunk was if it chugged past wearing a bustle and a top hat.  In reality, it’s one of science fiction’s most widely-known, best-kept secrets.  Except it isn’t really secret.  Even a casual…

A Writer’s Place of Work

Washing the dishes, going for a run, walking the dog, taking a bath, driving, playing Candy Crush, cooking dinner, first thing in the morning before I get out of bed and last thing at night before I fall asleep. What do these things have in common?  Well, aside from being integral parts of my life,… Continue reading A Writer’s Place of Work