Martine Lillycrop


Martine Lillycrop was born an army brat in Cyprus.  Living abroad for most of her childhood gave her a different perspective on life, and when her family finally settled in the UK she found civilian life a bit odd. (What?  You’ve lived here, in one place, your entire life!?)

She’s always had a passion for writing, and, despite having no formal training, worked hard on spelling and stuff so she could put a sentence together. In 2003 she earned a BA(Hons) in Interactive Multimedia Communications (that’s making websites), but she immediately went back to writing novels while raising her two children as a single parent.

Still looking for literary acclaim (ahem!) she has written three novels and one disaster.  She’s yet to find an agent and, by association, a traditional publisher. But (not to be deterred) she has self-published her books so she’s got somewhere to put them while writing the next one.

In 1996 she had a non-fiction book, Shamanica, published by Capal Bann under the name Martine Ashe. The opening chapters of her latest book, High Tide in the City, was awarded a professional review as a prize for achieving bestseller status on YouWriteOn.com.

She currently lives with her two teenage kids, 4 cats and a dotty (in more ways than one) Dalmatian.

1 thought on “About

  1. Hi Martine

    I know that like myself you used to be on David Gunn’s my space page, until he deleted it.
    I know that like me you enjoy reading milSF and have written a mliSF novel yourself.

    Got some news about the Death’s Head novels and a new similar novel, if you’d care to email me.


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